Kitten Vs. Zombie

A new side scrolling high score game has emerged, in which you must try to destroy the most zombies possible! Killing zombies will earn you Internets which, with the help of Dr. Trollface, will allow you to bring more Kittens back from the past!

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Kitten Vs. Zombie! A Side Scrolling, High Score Adventure like no other! V0.1.0 Now Available!




  • More Levels to Harvest Zombies!
  • Mini Games & Leaderboards!
  • More Characters!




Similar in gameplay to games such as super mario bros. and castlevania, Kitten Vs. Zombie takes the two most symbolic internet sensations and pits them against eachother!




Your journey begins in the nefarious Dr. Trollface's lab.

With the help of his assistant, Forever Alone, Trollface plans to unlock the secrets of his ancestors by bringing someone back from the past. Using Troll Science, however, does not always go as planned it seems.

While he was successful in bringing some kind of creature from the past into his time, it seems this experiment has an adverse reaction! Zombies now infest the area and it's up to this mysterious creature to exterminate them!

Killing zombies taking too long?? Use our refferal system to get Internets even faster!


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