Prodigy - Pocket Merlin

Relive the experience the original Merlin handheld brought you with Prodigy! Prodigy - Pocket Merlin is the first and only Merlin game for Android! Experience for yourself the classic games envisioned by Parker Brothers in a new modern era!

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Prodigy - Pocket Merlin: A Reboot of the original Merlin, the Electronic Wizard! V1.0.0 Now Available!





  • Leaderboards, perhaps?




Re-Live the experience that the original Merlin Handheld brought you with Prodigy!
Prodigy revisits 6 classic numberpad games:

  • Echo (A pattern game similar to Simon Says)
  • Magic Square (A puzzle game reminiscent of Rubik's Cube)
  • MindBender (A number guessing game similar to Mastermind)
  • Music Machine (Record a song using Prodigy)
  • Blackjack13 (A "card" game similar to Blackjack 21)
  • Tic Tac Toe (Classic Three-in-a-Row game) 



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