Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Download Statistics II

So it wasn't the weekly update we promised (instead we focused on bringing you guys an amazing new update!), but here it is! The week 3 update for downloads!

Downloads As Of September 2012 (Week 3) "Kitten Vs. Zombie":

SlideMe              :  1111

Google Play        :  812

Amazon              :  355

GetJar                :  296

AndroidPit         :  139

Opera                 :  89

                                                                                             Total  =  2802 downloads

**Some side notes*
  • SlideMe continues to amaze me with it's daily downloads, not only has it surpased all others, but it has also been on this market the shortest! A major factor in this I would say is my constant updating I've been doing to my game (at least once a week)
  • Google Play still has given me the most feedback from users (though not all constructive..) I would definitely not overlook this market.
  • Amazon just as predicted, Amazon has gained a fair amount of traction through time. The daily downloads here could prove to make it a strong market.
  • GetJar after my initial surprise boom with this market, downloads slowly began to crawl. Even with my updates it does not seem to be gaining much attention here. 
  • AndroidPit is a market I recently just found out about so it's only been on here a couple of days, but already it seems very promising! Something to note here is the amount of downloads to active users, you retain almost all of your user base that downloads the game here it seems!
  • Opera another market that has slowed down significantly over time. Perhaps it will surprise us in the future.
  • Apptown, Insyde, Mall.soc.io & Appoke  are still not looking good for market downloads.

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