Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TwoD_mentia Overview

This was a project that started out as just studying source code to get a little bit of understanding of how Android games work. After looking over and over at the open-sourced code of Replica Island it occurred to me.. wait I'm a graphic design major, as important as coding is, I need to show my artwork more than anything. So that's how it started out, rather than being as ambitious as I had planned in creating a completely unique game, I decided I would make a mod of Replica Island.

Now before you go Hey! That's basically just copying! I did use the open-source code provided by Replica Island's Chris Pruett, but I believe I have made it perfectly clear this game is an (extensive) mod from the original. The original creators of Replica Island were also attributed in the credits of the game. Anyone that has played both games can see that while it has similar mechanics used in the game, it is a completely new experience.
  • The story has been completely rewritten 
  • Characters have been modified to fit into my story structure (Yes, Shadowslime was starred as a guest appearance in tribute, however)
  • New mechanics have been added to create additional challenges to overcome
Back to the development of the game, I knew that I wanted to create some sort of style which contrasted the differences between black and white (I will admit, Limbo the game was a huge influence). From here everything was built up to what your playing today.


The story begins with a rescue cinematic performed by some mysterious Shadow character. It seems he has been tasked to retrieve at all costs this dying Shadow-blob creature he finds towards the end of the intro. (This is the character you become and will play throughout the game)

As a Shadow that was destroyed by the Light that seems to be taking over the world, you have been revived, but to a shocking surprise.. Not only have you retained all the powers that Shadows have been given, but it seems the extended expose from the Light has gifted you with unique abilities which fuse these mortal enemies; Light and Shadow.

You first come in contact with another Shadow creature (much like the first) that seems to be willing to teach you to control your abilities. In return, he wishes for you to join his resistance, to become the savior of the Shadow world, and for now this seems a righteous quest to be given.

In your first few levels you start to master your abilities as you are challenged both physically and mentally until you come into contact with a new, deceptive character. gRRm (as he calls himself) informs you of his plans for domination of the Shadow world and credits himself with the Light influx so far. He sees you as a valuable asset and presents to you a proposition: when you reach the source of the Light, rather than destroy it in favor of the Shadows, take a final stand and destroy the Shadow creatures instead. He asks this of you with promises of conversion, to make you 100% Light and more powerful than ever.

It will be up to you what you decide.. Will you protect those who have taken you as their own and defend the Shadows from the evil that is the Light, or will you succumb to your thirst for power and lead the transformation into this new world alongside gRRm?

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