Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TwoD Shirt Prototype

I guess you could say this is our first attempt at advertising the game in public. I made a shirt for our first game "TwoD_mentia" during my free time (a little side project from my side project) not only because I wanted to advertise the game to others, but I love making things like this. Naturally I just wanted to put both my talents together!

That logo in the middle of the shirt is the one that promotes this studio TwoD Vision and will be our signature for anything we release from this point forward. The wording up the side of the shirt (as I'm sure you all could figure out) is the name of our first project and release.

So far I'm the only one wearing this shirt, but my hopes are that as I become more well-known for these apps I might be able to spread the love and get variations of these out to others.

Unrelated to the game: If anyone wants to see more work from me just as far as Art in general goes you can visit my DeviantArt gallery at my user page: SikkPup to see everything from early Artwork for the game to random t-shirt designs I've created.

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