Monday, September 17, 2012

Download Statistics I

Well the first week of releasing Kitten Vs. Zombie is up and I'd say we had a pretty successful launch! Below you will find the download numbers for our new game from all the markets we've been trying.

Downloads As Of September 2012 (Week 1) "Kitten Vs. Zombie":

SlideMe              :  338

Google Play        :  293

GetJar                :  105

Opera                 :  62

Amazon              :  16

Apptown            :  2

Insyde                :  0                                                            Total  =  814 downloads

Appoke               :  0  

**Some side notes*
  • SlideMe it seems, is the first stop for indie games and developers, this market is by far the best source to release an app that does not have the marketing capabilities of larger companies. In only a few short days SlideMe has had by far the most exponential growth. uploaded and accepted to this market 9/12
  • Google Play was the first market that I uploaded to, being that it is the flagship store for Android. This market, though somewhat slower in downloads than others does have certain advantages over others. You will likely get the most feedback from users here, currently a  ★ ★ ★ ★ & 1/2 rating in the market. uploaded and accepted to this market 9/8
  • GetJar was rather surprising in it's download numbers. In the first few days after uploading it seemed that it was going to be a bust market, but suddenly after about 2-3 days being up it gained significant downloads. uploaded and accepted to this market 9/9
  • Opera another new market this time around has shown a somewhat interesting result. On the first couple days it was on the market it gained a fair amount of downloads, but that number has slowed considerably over time. Because of this I believe new / updated games will do best here. I will test these results with my first update coming soon. uploaded and accepted to this market 9/9
  • Amazon so far has not gained significant traction, however, I expect this one to have a delay time much the same as with my last game. We will see in the coming weeks how it does.
  • Apptown Insyde & Appoke  so far have been busts, but may surprise us in time.

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