Monday, September 10, 2012

Period of Absence

Well, after a long absence from posting on this blog I have finally returned to update on our recent progress!

What Has Happened:


Let's see.. for starters Android Market is no longer known by that name. So if you look at past posts making reference to it, Google has now dubbed their mobile market "Google Play Store". I know, not nearly as catchy. All the same, we still love Android as a platform even with their questionable name change. 

Our first game TwoD_mentia has a grand total of ~2000 downloads now which is pretty significant for not even being finished! But now onto the big news...

We released our new game we've been working on! Kitten Vs. Zombie!

I've already updated the blog with a new page for it as well as added media on the media page. Currently I have it up on Google Play and it should be up on several other markets in the next few days. Consistent with our older posts, I plan to give an in depth look at our download statistics with these new markets as time passes.

There's also an exciting new feature to document as our new game starts getting noticed! I've implemented Tapjoy, an incentive based download system which should prove to be an interesting look at alternate methods than Ads or charging for apps. The downloads cost no money to users and it is completely optional if you want to take a look at the offers (they aren't imposed on you like other ad methods). So you can look foward to the results being documented in the near future.

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