Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Download Stats I

Now that we've been on SlideMe, Android Market, Code.Google, and Indievania for a while now we've finally got some growth numbers to show off!

Downloads As of October 19th:

Android Market  :  211

Code.Google       :  43

SlideMe              :  63

Indievania          :  0                                             Total  =  320 downloads

**Some side notes*
  • We have currently been on Android Market the longest (since October 1st) so we expected to see the largest number of downloads here. Something to consider about Androids' statistics; I'm not sure how often they are updated because the number of active installs on the first day was at 46 when I had 0 user installs showing
  • Code.Google has pretty much been abandoned as far as downloads are going since the release of the market download (probably because we put a huge button that said "Available in Android Market" on that page) It's still interesting to track the page visits though as we get quite a bit of traffic
  • SlideMe has seen significant growth since we put it up just a few days ago (October 13th) Overall this market alone accounted for 20% of the total downloads from the past 6 days alone. A viable alternative to any developer trying to reach a larger audience
  • Indievania has been the least successful at 0 downloads since releasing. I think this site might be more focused on pc gaming development rather than Android at this point in time

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