Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mid-October Update:

I know that not many people read this blog as of now, but I still think it's important to document my studio's work so far for future reference (like if we become popular later!).

So, Here's What's Been Going on This Month:



TwoD_mentia v0.1.2 was released bringing:

  • New levels (and updates for old ones) to players  
  • Minor bug fixes were made



Quite a bit of P.R. management has been going on:

  • Initially I started the project on my DeviantArt profile, posting journals of my progress. I'm not sure I actually got anyone interested in my game here (my total page views are only 400), but I wanted to feel like I was marketing it somehow during development!
  • Soon I moved over to using our project page to market to other developers and the Replica Island coding community who were very helpful in giving feedback
  • Eventually we forked over the $25 developer fee and uploaded our app to the Android Market! This officially gave us a label as an Android Development Studio
  • In attempt to reach a larger audience, we have also uploaded the app to some third party distributors namely, Indievania and SlideMe. We have yet to see significant growth from these markets though
  • Finally we created what you see here, our Studio Development Blog

We've reached 200+ downloads for the app in total and have a 5 star rating in the market!

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