Friday, November 4, 2011

Download Stats II

It's a new month and we've got some new numbers to share. We've got New Markets, Old Markets, and.. well I guess that's it in this post.

Downloads As of November 4th:

Android Market  :  285

Code.Google       :  53

SlideMe              :  136

Amazon Market  :  0

Indievania          :  0                                       Total  =  474 downloads

%Percentages of Total%
  • Android Market - 60% we've been here longest but growth seems to be constant
  • SlideMe - 28% it is very likely this market will surpass Android Market in the coming weeks
  • Code.Google - 12% it might not be much, but it's a good starting point for beginning developers
  • All others - 0%

**Some side notes*
  • Android Market has been getting some updates recently in the developer console so hopefully the numbers of active installs are reflecting a little better this time around. We now have 84 active installs to stack alongside our 285 downloads. I think most of the people who uninstalled did so because the game is still in a demo state. Growth was 75 downloads since Oct. 19th thats a 26% increase in the Android market!
  • Code.Google has still been pretty much abandoned as far as downloads are going since the release of the market download (probably because we put a huge button that said "Available in Android Market" on that page) We did however see a small amount of growth here since Oct. 19th accounting for 10 new downloads! thats a 20% growth!
  • SlideMe still looks like the best alternative for developers trying to reach a wider audience, accounting for 136 downloads! Growth was 73 downloads since Oct. 19th for this market that's a 53% increase!!
  • Indievania, Amazon Market, and ASC (AppStoreConnect) have all shown no signs of increase since their release. I was actually very surprised with Amazon Market, it took 2 weeks for them to review my app and allow it on the market, but it still has yet to get a single download since going live last week. So far I would have to say stick with Android Market and SlideMe for the best results.


  1. HI. Can i ask something?

    Can i have the source code of your game? Im new to android game programming and i find your game very interesting and i know ill learn alot from it.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Hey you commented on my youtube video too and I responded there right?