Monday, January 16, 2012

Download Stats III

It's been a long time since I've come back to this blog, so busy with other things lately. Anyway, I'm sure not too many people minded, I know this is still hardly viewed by anyone haha. Some huge landmarks were met in the past 2 months. Overall we now have over 1000 downloads, still trying to reach that 500 mark in a single market though.

Downloads As of January 16th:

Android Market  :  464

Code.Google       :  78

SlideMe              :  490

Amazon Market  :  124

Indievania          :  0                                       Total  =  1156 downloads

%Percentages of Total%
  • Android Market - 40% The growth here has been slowing down recently, but still getting positive feedback
  • SlideMe - 42% Well it's finally done it as predicted! SlideMe is officially better for Indie Dev.!
  • Code.Google - 6% I'm actually surprised people still download it from here at all with the other market options, still a decent amount, however
  • Amazon Market - 10% The biggest surprise jump of all! The first few months were extremely slow, but recently it seems to have picked up speed at a dramatic pace

**Some side notes*
  • Android Market seems to be slowing down over time. I would most likely attribute this to my lack of updates to the game in the past 2 months. I'm hoping to find some time to finish the game up once it hits that 500-1000 downloads mark. Growth was 179 downloads since last update, thats a 62% increase in the Android market!
  • Code.Google is doing relatively well for all the other markets my game is now available in. It experienced an increase of 25 new downloads! thats a 47% growth!
  • SlideMe has taken all other markets by storm, surpasing Android Market as predicted, likely to become the first to hit that 500 download mark. Growth was 354 downloads since last update, for this market that's a 260% increase!!
  • Amazon Marketplace is by far the most shocking of all the numbers. In the first few months I had this posted, after a very delayed start, there was maybe 7 downloads total? It looks like since last checking it however, back in early December, it spiked dramatically! Growth was about 124 downloads since early december.

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