Monday, January 16, 2012

Feedback Review

Everyone should be entitled to their own opinion, so to respect this I've included some positive, negative, as well as constructive feedback below. While not every review is always helpful especially when vague we always value our players opinions and would love to see what you think about what were doing here.

Positive Reinforcement / Constructive Feedback:


 Ishan (Android Market):

  • Great game, but why i can touch light from the bottom but not from above? please fix that, it seems messed up. I've played some great games, but yours deserves to be at the top of my fav list! (but PLEASE consider my request and have the shadow guy tell you the light touching thing?) 
  • Thanks for the detailed feedback Ishan! As far as the light touching, you should not be able to touch it anywhere. It is possible to get fairly closer to it on the ground than when you are flying, but this was implemented because testers requested a little more room for mistakes while on the ground moving (it was too difficult without putting that extra space in). We will, however, take another look back at it when we go into the game to make some long overdue updates. In the next update we are looking to condense the tutorial levels into a shorter, more precise set of instructions that let you jump into the action sooner (we have had many people tell us that the talking at the beginning takes far too long to get through).

Dillin (Amazon Marketplace):

  • A pretty cool game, but very few levels. Some levels are literally impossible at higher difficulty levels. Poor quality. I definitely would not reccomend. 
  • Well we are very glad to hear you think our game is cool, not so much about the not recommending / poor quality part though. In the next update we should be potentially doubling the amount of levels present now, making about 20 overall. We are also hoping to get some more testing done on the difficulty of each level, making changes as needed, hopefully these updates are enough for you to take another look!

Negative Feedback:


Acoperis / Micutul (Android Marketplace):

  • Annoying...
  • This is very sad news Acoperis / Micutul. Perhaps we can make changes to, what was that you said annoyed you again? We are whole-heartedly sorry that you did not enjoy our game, but being vague and  cynical does not help us in any way shape or form. Perhaps if you suggested something that we could improve on we could make a better experience for you in the future.

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